This old giant stands tall and mighty beating out many past super typhoons. She’s guestimated to be 80 – 100 ft. tall and can be found around the island road.

Pugua Apaka

White betel nut. Being readied for market. Got chew? Tola mama

New Hatchlings

Rainy day here in Rota! Farmer Tom just rescued fresh hatchlings.=)

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

There is so much to be thankful for and we thank you, our customers, for helping our business prosper this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mari, My Mariana Mallard – YouTube

Found on the watery south side Talakaya, this young fledgling female Mariana Mallard was picked up roadside due to her inability to fly. She’s now recovering, growing up, getting used to her new surroundings and new ducks, and waiting for the day she’ll spread her wings and fly off to new adventures. UPDATE: Mari took…

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

We are excited whenever Thanksgiving is here. It is a perfect time to thank everyone, including you, our customers! Thank you for helping our business prosper this year. Happy Thanksgiving! My babies Kobe and Kloe 09-28-2013 cutie patooties! And guess who their mommy is? Yes, it’s Taffy=)


Directional sign at Mochong pointing eastward 1.8 miles to reach As Matmos fishing cliff.